Technical Engineering

As projects grow ever more complicated and technologically sophisticated, you need a partner who can help you evaluate, test, and produce the tools and systems demanded by a 21st century security landscape.

Explore our Technical Engineering capabilities

Systems Engineering

As organizations grow larger and more complex, the number of systems they employ grows as well. Our engineers evaluate and set up each system so that it is safe, functional, and interoperable with every other system.

Test and Evaluation

By using everything from sophisticated technological tools to tested engineering approaches, we harden and secure physical systems to improve piece of mind.

Lifecycle Management

From first mention to obsolescence, we manage every aspect of a product’s lifecycle, starting with taking product requirements to industry. After a prototype is complete, we test, produce, and sustain the final product in the field.

Program and Project Management

In the commercial space, bringing a new product to market is difficult enough. When fulfilling a DoD contract, the additional levels of complexity usually come with a requirement that outside program and project management be procured. Our team supports companies as they deliver exactly what the government wants, from conception through the entire lifecycle.

Stay ahead of adversaries


As your organizational complexity grows, so do the risks to your operations. Our team analyzes your cyber footprint to identify the true vulnerabilities that are missed by others.

Millennium Red Team

Millennium’s expert red team brings decades of experience in identifying critical operational vulnerabilities.

Millennium Innovation Group

Where challenges exist, our Innovation Group stands ready to develop unique solutions and bring new ideas and concepts to market.

Millennium Cyber Center

Our secure 10,000 sq.ft. facility is the headquarters for all things cyber, including robust training and the Cyber Threat Operations Center.

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