Federal Civilian

From the everyday to the highly sensitive and mission critical, Millennium helps keep our partners in Federal civilian agencies cyber secure.


For almost two decades, the Federal government has come to Millennium to help secure its most important data.


Whether it is securing a pipeline or protecting the integrity of an election, Millennium protects data and systems across the country.


From supply chains to cloud technology, we combat the most sophisticated adversarial threats facing our homeland.


Protecting vital functions

From air traffic control to veterans benefits and everything in between, we help the federal government protect the vital systems that keep our nation running.

Guarding personal data

The Federal government is awash in personal data with tax returns, Medicare records, and more. Keeping the personally identifiable information of every man, woman, and child in the United States secure is vital.

Keeping the country running

We help ensure the integrity of the Federal civilian agencies who keep our economy going, provide the vital functions we all rely on, and keep us all safe in our day-to-day lives.

With you wherever you are, and for whatever you need

Responding at the speed of cyber

We are thoroughly versed in your adversary’s abilities and use that knowledge to keep you one step ahead.

Prepared for change

Technology doesn’t slow down. Neither do we. Be prepared for what comes next.

Custom built solutions

Our agile software engineers craft custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

We make the complex simple

We take the complexity of technical projects off your plate to let you focus on your core mission.

Upskill your team

We provide red and blue team training, build cyber ranges, and play the bad guys as an Opposing Force.