Software Engineering

Whether you need a custom new solution, or simply a way to manage the data and applications you already have, our data scientists can find the right solution for you.

Explore our Software Engineering capabilities


When the government needs a software tool built efficiently and effectively, they turn to us. Our agile software development teams provide transparency and productivity throughout the entire developing process, working in a secure facility, with compliance at the forefront, and helping you prepare for what’s next.

Software Assurance

When considering a new piece of software, we conduct a full assessment to examine its code, supply chain components, and any APIs it uses so that your entire network remains secure, functional, and within organizational parameters.

Application Development

From bleeding edge security applications to software that supports highly critical product environments, we build solutions to keep customers one step ahead.

Knowledge Management

Government agencies and private enterprises alike are awash in data. We help you securely store terabytes of data and create innovative ways to organize it so that the right data is available exactly when it is needed.

Data Science

The algorithms and models our experienced team of data scientists create on a daily basis can take processes that would once take months and compress them into minutes. Your employees can do more, faster, with our efficient approaches to the latest in AI, machine learning, including leading approaches like neural nets and generative AI.

Stay ahead of adversaries


As your organizational complexity grows, so do the risks to your operations. Our team analyzes your cyber footprint to identify the true vulnerabilities that are missed by others.

Millennium Red Team

Millennium’s expert red team brings decades of experience in identifying critical operational vulnerabilities.

Millennium Innovation Group

Where challenges exist, our Innovation Group stands ready to develop unique solutions and bring new ideas and concepts to market.

Millennium Cyber Center

Our secure 10,000 sq.ft. facility is the headquarters for all things cyber, including robust training and the Cyber Threat Operations Center.

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