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Your adversaries don’t take days off. Neither can you. With our enterprise solutions, you can go from now to next while remaining ahead of the black hats and within government regulations.

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IT Modernization

With our IT modernization systems, we get you from what you have now to what’s coming up next. With each technological upgrade, we help you move beyond legacy systems to do better today and prepare for tomorrow.

Zero Trust

Using an adversarial mindset, we test networks to ensure that they truly are Zero Trust. By probing every nook and cranny, we make certain that users can only access authorized files, that an unauthorized user can’t grant themselves additional permissions, and that the network is constantly validating every user at every interaction.

Cloud Migration

When agencies move from on premises architecture into the cloud, we ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based systems while still remaining secure and compliant with all applicable regulations.

System Architecture

The federal government, or any large organization, is a system of systems. When new systems are added we do the upfront work to make certain they will integrate with existing systems. We then test the new systems to protect them from black hat actors before they have a chance to exploit any new vulnerabilities created.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Establishing IT Governance programs can be tedious and complex. Millennium simplifies the process and incorporates a robust, threat-informed risk management approach. With experience in common frameworks, such as NIST CSF, RMF, and ISO 27001, Millennium has the breadth of experience to help you develop and maintain a strong GRC program that enhances the security and efficacy of IT Operations.

Risk Management

By taking a comprehensive look at how your organization operates, we can identify your crown jewels and ensure they are protected. Our red and blue team capabilities, along with our knowledge of your key terrain, lets us protect your most valuable assets by taking an adversarial approach to attack simulation, and then building a solution to thwart your most likely adversaries and threats.

Stay ahead of adversaries


As your organizational complexity grows, so do the risks to your operations. Our team analyzes your cyber footprint to identify the true vulnerabilities that are missed by others.

Millennium Red Team

Millennium’s expert red team brings decades of experience in identifying critical operational vulnerabilities.

Millennium Innovation Group

Where challenges exist, our Innovation Group stands ready to develop unique solutions and bring new ideas and concepts to market.

Millennium Cyber Center

Our secure 10,000 sq.ft. facility is the headquarters for all things cyber, including robust training and the Cyber Threat Operations Center.

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