Cyber security training

We give you the tools to protect yourself. From your network to your physical assets, we determine how your adversary would most likely attack and then develop protection and training plans you can implement to remain secure.

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Red Team Training

Our partner, k>fivefour, empowers cybersecurity professionals through superior hands-on cyber operations training. Our team has extensive experience throughout the Department of Defense and leverages that real-world knowledge to train and equip cyber operators to tackle the toughest challenges in cybersecurity.


Whether it is your network or the front door to your office, our opposition forces will breach your perimeter just as an adversary would. Our security forces determine where you are weak and vulnerable, and how you can remain secure and compliant.

Training Development

Before knowledge can be dispersed throughout an organization, the trainers must first be trained. We set up and conduct trainings so that essential knowledge can be pushed out effectively and reach the targeted audiences.

Training Management

When in-house trainings are conducted, we help schedule and track which personnel have received them. We also provide feedback for instructors so that they can improve their skills with each new session.

Stay ahead of adversaries


As your organizational complexity grows, so do the risks to your operations. Our team analyzes your cyber footprint to identify the true vulnerabilities that are missed by others.

Millennium Red Team

Millennium’s expert red team brings decades of experience in identifying critical operational vulnerabilities.

Millennium Innovation Group

Where challenges exist, our Innovation Group stands ready to develop unique solutions and bring new ideas and concepts to market.

Millennium Cyber Center

Our secure 10,000 sq.ft. facility is the headquarters for all things cyber, including robust training and the Cyber Threat Operations Center.

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