Cyber Operations

The Department of Defense relies on Millennium's cyber operators to protect our nation's information infrastructure. Having conducted thousands of cyber engagements, we know what it takes to protect and defend the critical systems and services that keep our nation safe.

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Red Team Services

More than pen testing, we adopt an adversarial persona and adapt it to fit your personalized mission profile. We consider the capabilities of both you and your adversary, and then simulate attacks to help harden your defenses.

Defensive Cyber Operations

You may have already been compromised. Through threat hunting and reverse engineering, our DCO experts find adversaries who have already breached your network. We can then secure your network to ensure it is ready and able to execute your unique mission.

Threat Intelligence

Using public, private, commercially available, and classified sources, we analyze targets to find weaknesses in your network that could be exploited. Our analyses are fundamental to the mission-critical protection solutions we shape for both obvious and previously overlooked threats.

Supply Chain Risk Management

We follow the breadcrumbs to find the vulnerabilities–or worse–in the long trail of your supply chain. Whether it is a physical product, a piece of software, or a partner’s network, we identify the origin of each component to find malware and bad actors to ensure your extended security posture remains strong.

Cyber Operations Support

To ensure government agencies and others get a turnkey product from their vendors, we do all the planning, technical writing, and even the presentations and reporting.

Stay ahead of adversaries


As your organizational complexity grows, so do the risks to your operations. Our team analyzes your cyber footprint to identify the true vulnerabilities that are missed by others.

Millennium Red Team

Millennium’s expert red team brings decades of experience in identifying critical operational vulnerabilities.

Millennium Innovation Group

Where challenges exist, our Innovation Group stands ready to develop unique solutions and bring new ideas and concepts to market.

Millennium Cyber Center

Our secure 10,000 sq.ft. facility is the headquarters for all things cyber, including robust training and the Cyber Threat Operations Center.

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